Softpoly Cast

Softpoly Cast, semi-rigid, knitted fabric, impregnated with moisture-curable resin packed in a sealed foil pouch.
It is intended for use when support is needed, but rigid immobilization is not required, such as in a wide variety of athletic injuries, pediatric corrective serial casting, secondary and tertiary casting for various orthopedic problems, and as a comprehensive wrap to control swelling.
Softpoly Cast, softer, more flexible casting material is typically used for functional immobilizations that can tolerate some movement (e.g., non-serious, minor broken bones; or more typically strains, sprains, and ligament damage).
They can be unwrapped, cut off with bandage scissors, or removed with a traditional cast saw.


* Easy to cut with a bandage scissors
* Easy to trim the cast
* Enough fixation to support
* Lightweight and thin
* Shoes can be worn with the cast on
* Suitable for a child in cast removal
* Convenient to wear the cast and take off by using Velcro straps
* Superior resiliency
* Smooth edges (no skin abrasion)

Softpoly Cast
Softpoly Cast
Softpoly Cast
Softpoly Cast

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Product Information

Code No.Description of goodsSizeShipping Q’ty
WS-SC0011Softpoly Cast2.5cm x 1.8m
1CTN (10boxes of 10rolls)
WS-SC002XSoftpoly Cast5cm x 3.6m
1CTN (10boxes of 10rolls)
WS-SC003XSoftpoly Cast7.5cm x 3.6m
1CTN (10boxes of 10rolls)
WS-SC004XSoftpoly Cast10cm x 3.6m
1CTN (10boxes of 10rolls)
WS-SC005XSoftpoly Cast12.5cm x 3.6m1CTN (10boxes of 10rolls)

* Color available: 1-WHITE, 2-GREEN, 3-PINK, 4-BLUE, 5-RED, 6-YELLOW, 7-GREY, 8-BLACK, 9-PURPLE, OR-ORANGE