Hygia Splint

Hygia splint, consist of multiple layers of knitted fabric, impregnated with moisture-curable resin, must have double-sized padding, exposure of splint to moisture of water initiates a chemical reaction, which causes the splint to become rigid, highly comfortable, water-repellent, lightweight, setting time ±4min, functional strength ±20min, individually wrapped in a sealed foil pouch.


* Excellent molding capability
* X-ray translucent
* Lightweight
* Simple and easy way
* Strong and rigid
* Various sizes
* Cost-efficient
* Burnable after use

Hygia Splint
Hygia Splint
Hygia Splint
Hygia Splint

Application Instruction


Product Information

Code No.Description of goodsSizeShipping Q’ty
WS-1011Hygia Splint (Pre-cut type)5cm x 25cm
1CTN (10boxes of 5pcs)
WS-1012Hygia Splint (Pre-cut type)7.5cm x 30cm1CTN (10boxes of 5pcs)
WS-1021Hygia Splint (Pre-cut type)10cm x 37.5cm
1CTN (10boxes of 5pcs)
Hygia Splint (Pre-cut type)7.5cm x 87.5cm1CTN (6boxes of 5pcs)
WS-1031Hygia Splint (Pre-cut type)10cm x 75cm1CTN (6boxes of 5pcs)
WS-1032Hygia Splint (Pre-cut type)12.5cm x 75cm1CTN (6boxes of 5pcs)
WS-1041Hygia Splint (Pre-cut type)12.5cm x 112.5cm1CTN (6boxes of 5pcs)
Code No.Description of goodsSizeShipping Q’ty
Hygia Splint (Roll type)5cm x 450cm
1CTN (6boxes)
WS-1052Hygia Splint (Roll type)7.5cm x 450cm
1CTN (6boxes)
WS-1053Hygia Splint (Roll type)10cm x 450cm1CTN (6boxes)
WS-1054Hygia Splint (Roll type)12.5cm x 450cm1CTN (6boxes)
WS-1055Hygia Splint (Roll type)15cm x 450cm1CTN (6boxes)