Hygia Belt Splint

Hygia Belt splint is being used widely at emergency room and post operation, which is attachable straps freely to fix on inured area.
Patients feel very comfortable putting on taking off the splint easily using the straps.


* Put on & take off with hook and loop fasteners
* Superior ventilation
* Odor free all day long
* Free from tight elastic bandages
* Secured with attachable straps
* Comfortable immobilization with attachable straps

Hygia Belt Splint
Hygia Belt Splint
Hygia Belt Splint
Hygia Belt Splint

Application Instruction


Product Information

Code No.Description of goodsSizeShipping Q’ty
WS-3011Hygia Belt Splint (Pre-cut type)5cm x 25cm
1CTN (10boxes of 5pcs)
WS-3012Hygia Belt Splint (Pre-cut type)7.5cm x 30cm
1CTN (10boxes of 5pcs)
Hygia Belt Splint (Pre-cut type)10cm x 37.5cm1CTN (10boxes of 5pcs)
WS-3022Hygia Belt Splint (Pre-cut type)7.5cm x 87.5cm1CTN (6boxes of 5pcs)
WS-3031Hygia Belt Splint (Pre-cut type)10cm x 75cm1CTN (6boxes of 5pcs)
WS-3032Hygia Belt Splint (Pre-cut type)12.5cm x 75cm1CTN (6boxes of 5pcs)
WS-3041Hygia Belt Splint (Pre-cut type)12.5cm x 112.5cm1CTN (6boxes of 5pcs)
Code No.Description of goodsSizeShipping Q’ty
WS-3051Hygia Belt Splint (Roll type)5cm x 450cm

1CTN (6boxes)
Hygia Belt Splint (Roll type)7.5cm x 450cm1CTN (6boxes)
WS-3053Hygia Belt Splint (Roll type)10cm x 450cm1CTN (6boxes)
WS-3054Hygia Belt Splint (Roll type)12.5cm x 450cm1CTN (6boxes)
WS-3055Hygia Belt Splint (Roll type)15cm x 450cm1CTN (6boxes)