New Yogips

Custom -made splint
New Yogips could be provided pre-cut and pre-mold type so doctors can apply it easily on injured area.
The word ‘molding’ is losing its meaning.
Serving a variety of pre-mold splint to consumers, we’re making the splint a made to order suit. Than again, putting the splint on patients body with a design they want to make is anything but mold anymore to us.


* Remoldable
* Pre-padded and pre-cut
* Pre-mold type available
* Strong and light
* It is air-ventilated
* Malleable by air (90degree) in heating unit

New Yogips
New Yogips
New Yogips
New Yogips

New Yogips

New Yogips SET

Product Information

Description of goods Code No. Size
Short arm splint Thumb hole radial splint (L/R) HSA-200 Large
Thumb spica radial splint (L/R) HSA-220 Large/Medium/Small
Resting pan mitt splint (L/R) HSA-230 Large
Ulnar gutter/ Volar/ Dosal (L/R) HSA-300 Large/Medium/Small
Functional position palmar splint (L/R) HSA-320 Large
Wrist neutral palmar splint (L/R) HSA-420 Large/Medium/Small
Long arm splint Forearm humerus splint HLA-500 Large/Medium/Small
Short leg splint Tibial splint (below knee) HSL-600 Large/Medium/Small
Long leg splint Femoral splint (above knee) HLL-700 Large/Small
Cylinder splint HLL-740 Large
Finger splint Finger splint HFS-1000 -

* Pre-cut & Pre-molded type available